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Tulsa Backyard Cleanup

As a pet owner, you know too well how difficult it is to maintain a clean and tidy backyard. With your furry friend always running around and doing their business, it’s easy for the yard to become a messy, unpleasant place. But the good news is, you no longer have to deal with this problem alone. Introducing The Poop Fairy, your go-to company for Tulsa backyard cleanup.

We know it may sound like magic but we promise you it’s real and you will be happy you called us! We are experts at poop removal that is safe, quick, and eco-conscious. With our help, you can finally enjoy a fresh and clean backyard every day (and your dog can too!)

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5 reasons You Should Choose The Poop Fairy For Tulsa Backyard Cleanup:

  1. Convenience – One of the best things about hiring The Poop Fairy is the convenience it offers. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly no-commitment plans that cater to your needs. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up after your pet’s waste anymore. Simply sign up for the plan that works for you, and our team will handle the rest.
  2. Safe Removal – Cleaning up pet waste can pose a threat to your health and the environment if not done properly. The Poop Fairy team knows exactly how to safely remove and dispose of pet waste, ensuring the safety of you, your family, and your surroundings. We use eco-friendly and pet-safe cleaning products to make sure your yard is always clean and healthy for everyone.
  3. Professional Service – With years of experience in the pet waste removal industry, The Poop Fairy team is trained to provide high-quality service. We are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to handle any pet waste situation. You can trust us to leave your backyard spotless and smelling fresh every time.
  4. Save Time – Taking care of a pet requires a lot of time and dedication. With The Poop Fairy taking care of your backyard cleanup, you can spend more quality time with your furry friend. You no longer have to sacrifice your weekends cleaning up after them. The Poop Fairy will handle it all for you while you enjoy your free time.
  5. Affordable – Many pet owners worry about the cost of hiring a professional service. However, The Poop Fairy offers affordable and competitive pricing options that suit various budgets. You don’t have to break the bank to keep your yard clean and healthy.


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In conclusion, The Poop Fairy is the perfect solution to all your Tulsa backyard cleanup needs. With our convenient plans, safe removal process, professional service, time-saving benefits, and affordable pricing options, you can’t go wrong with choosing us. Say goodbye to poop-filled backyards and hello to a clean and healthy environment for you and your furry friend. Visit our Tulsa backyard cleanup website to learn more. Or if you’re ready to get started then contact The Poop Fairy today for all your pet waste removal needs, you’ll be happy you did!