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At The Poop Fairy, we dedicate our days to our furry friends—and their backends! For the price of less than a pizza, we can remove your pet’s poop. Your pet waste removal service is fast and efficient. Our poop fairies are the most reliable service in town during these busy times. If we miss a single turd in your yard your poop fairy will return to make sure to fulfil your fairy wishes. We know you love your doggies more than life. You love everything about them—except their poop. The Poop Fairy was designed to ease your life and take the strain out of your back—and your nose.

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Dog poop scooper


The Poop Fairy specializes in high end poopy removal services for both commercial and residential properties in the Tulsa area. You make one call and *Poof*—poop be gone!


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Here are more reasons to hire Poop Fairy:

  • You find picking up dog poop horrifying

  • You do not have the time (who does?)

  • It just plain stinks!

  • We take the poop with us.

  • Our fairies are flight trained and poop-removing experts

  • We have thousands of happy customers and pooches

 Pooper Scooper Tulsa

Here’s what Poop Fairy provides you:

  • More free time

  • Peace of mind

  • No more arguments about “whose turn it is”

  • Sit out on the back porch with a fresh smelling yard

  • Walk through the grass with confidence.

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We’re Friendly.

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THE MORE WE KNOW Dog waste facts

  • The average dog excretes three-fourths of a pound of waste per day — or 274 pounds per year.
  • Dog poop is an environmental pollutant.
  • Using a biodegradable doggie bag isn’t enough.
  • You can compost dog poop, just not with your regular compost bin.
  • The best removal method for dog poop is to flush it.

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Dog Waste Pick up Service

Bibbidi-Bobbidi poop be gone

When doody calls, The Poop Fairy answers. When things start piling up, a wave of the wand eliminates your pet messes and eases your stresses.

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