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Dog Poop Clean UP
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Dog Poop Cleaning Service

About usthe poop fairy

The Poop Fairy is not a franchise, it is a family of fairies that love pet’s and want to help the Tulsa community with pet cleanup services. Your 5-star furry poop removing fairies will leave your yard—and your senses—clean, clear and healthy! The Poop Fairy will pamper you and your pets with white-glove, mess-free services as the only all-inclusive poop removal service in Tulsa. What could be better than coming home to your happy pup wagging his tail and a clean, poop-free yard! Our little fairies know all about loving and pampering your pooches and of course removing the poop. Our professional poop fairies are Tulsa’s boutique pooper scooper service that takes the headache out of cleaning up after your beloved baby. We will remove your pet’s poop at your wish. It is our duty to clean up the doody and we pride ourselves on our work.

As the nation’s leading pet waste-removing service, our business is designed with you and your furry-ends in mind. It will be one less thing to worry about in addition to creating a safe environment for you and your family. As dog lovers, we aim to keep your lawn healthy and inviting. You and your family no longer have to step around your pet’s poo— you can hire The Poop Fairy to scoop the poop.

We offer both residential and commercial poop removal services as our fairies are willing to fly wherever your pets do the doo. It is imperative to keep fecal waste away from you, your family, your pet, your business and others. We offer a variety of poop removal packages to choose from. Help us identify the right poop removal frequency for you. We have a loyal following as we spread our pixie dust from home to home, letting others know we are here to remove the doo.

Dog Poop Clean UP Service
Clean UP Dog Poop