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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Dog Happy in Simple Ways

We all wish to keep our dogs happy. No matter how far we go while trying our best to keep them happy, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Seeing that big smile on your pup’s face can make just about anyone’s day. Here’s how you can get your pup to smile that big.

1. Play, play, and play

As much as you can, get some exercise and play with your dog. You can play Frisbee at the neighborhood park if you have the time. You’ll get lots of exercises, and your dog will adore it. Both of you will feel better, and your dog will be delighted without a doubt.

2. Self-care but for your pup

Dogs do not require weekly baths, but scheduling regular spa days will keep them feeling clean and fresh. Use a mild shampoo to bathe your dog, one that will calm both his skin and fur. Also, remember to brush your teeth and trim your nails. You will be removing any allergies from your dog’s body in this manner.

3. Take your pupper out for an adventure

A dog might get bored in the same house or setting, just like you. Even a short drive around the block in the automobile can be an exciting adventure. But make smart travel plans. Locate areas where dogs can run about safely. A beach trip is an amazing plan for a dog because it gives them a lot of room to run and be themselves while being themselves.

4. Physical exercise is the key

While all dogs require exercise, some require a lot of it. Border collies and lab puppies are two breeds of this type that have considerable energy. They will require a daily source of uplifting energy, or they will find it on their own. This can entail taking them for a one-hour stroll in the morning before you go for work and another one when you arrive home. You can also keep your sanity by hiring a lunchtime dog walker to assist you and your pet.

5. Installing cool items like a dog door

If your yard is walled in, a dog door will allow your dog to go outside when the need arises and allow him to chase squirrels when the weather is nice. All you need to do is check that the fence is solid and that your dog isn’t prone to burrow under or climb over it. Doing that will definitely give opposite results to what we are striving to do here.

6. Note any behavioral changes

In addition to boredom, there are more serious problems including separation anxiety. If you’ve done the methods listed above, including making sure your dog exercises for an additional hour each day, and he’s still unhappy, you might need expert assistance to work with you since the issue may be complex.

When left alone, a dog may bark or whine for extended periods of time. This is a sign of separation anxiety. Another indication of separation anxiety is destructive behavior. Ask your veterinarian for advice if you think your dog may be really stressed.

7. Keeping your pupper safe

Obviously, a person’s safety comes first. If your dog is injured, he won’t be happy. Therefore, make sure that your dog can’t access any cords to chew on, dangerous substances to drink (such as bleach or antifreeze), or any other potentially dangerous objects. You might decide to crate your dog when you’re gone or to keep him or her confined in a mudroom or laundry room, depending on the age and temperament of your puppy.

A word about crates: they may make your dog feel even more confined, which could cause him to act out when you let him out. In all honesty, it’s hard to blame him. The box might not be the greatest choice if this describes your dog.

8. Keeping your dog clean

Keeping your dog clean is not as easy as it sounds. The clean-up dog poop process is something we all dread and do not like to do so much. All we need in order to escape from a situation like that is a poop picker-upper service. If someone else can clean up dog poop after your dog, what do you even need to worry about?

That’s just a few of the tips as to how you can keep your dogs happy. If you’re looking for a dog waste pick-up service, do check out the Poop Fairy.